Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update ( EU Lifts Ban On Beans Import From Nigeria By June)

The development came weekend following the visit of
a EU / Dutch team to the Central Laboratory of the
National Agency for Food Drug
Administration and Control, NAFDAC, in Lagos.

The team was in the country to inspect the procedures of the
regulatory agency to ensure that future export of beans and other agricultural produce from Nigeria meet the standards of importing countries.

The European Food Safety Authority had in mid-2015 banned some agricultural
produce which included beans from Nigeria, citing that the rejected beans were found to
contain between 0.03mg per
kilogramme to 4.6mg/kg of
dichlorvos pesticide, when the acceptable maximum residue
limit is 0.01mg/kg.

Speaking during the visit, the Acting Director General,
NAFDAC, Mrs. Yetunde Oni noted that the ban has no doubt resulted in a huge
economic loss to Nigeria; although she insisted that the beans which resulted in the ban were smuggled out of the
country and did not pass through her agency.

The ban was placed about a year ago due to high insecticide residue in beans
but let me sound a note of caution here that the beans that were rejected never
passed through NAFDAC, they were beans produce smuggled out of the country.

The ban has brought about a huge economic loss in the
sense that Nigeria has large expanse of land, we have a lot
of farmers that produce beans and the beans are not able to go out.”

She reiterated that agricultural
produce that passes through the agency never gets rejected
because of the rigorous process it goes through before


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