Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update ( Tips And Tricks For a Healthier Tomorrow)

With our hectic schedules, bad eating habits, and fast-paced lifestyles, maintaining healthy habits have gone for a toss.
We have comfortably taken to eating out more often, binging on processed foods, and have completely forgotten to exercise.

However, all of these choices contribute towards lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension that have started to set in early in our lives. Obviously, we need to break away from such habits, and do some necessary introspection if we want to ensure longer and healthier lives:

Start your mornings fresh with a warm cup of green tea. It is devoid of caffeine, and will reduce stress, as well as blood pressure. However, it will give you the necessary energy boost to start your day. Green tea also acts as a detox that helps flush out toxins from your body and keeps you disease-free.

Green tea also contains polyphenols that help fight free radicals and burn extra fat. Ideally, you need to consume green tea without any sweeteners. However, you may choose to add some honey into your cup for some added flavor.

The secret to longevity is getting adequate exercise. Working up a sweat keeps your heart and other organs functioning at optimum levels. Also, the release of sweat helps rid your body of excess salts and other toxins.

Exercise also ensures muscle building and facilitates the replacement of stored fats with lean muscle tissues. If you think exercise is too difficult for you, try other forms like aerobics or yoga. Start, and slowly ease into it. There is no rush. You will notice the improvements in your changing body shape.

You need to divide your daily calorie intake into three major meals and three minor ones. The main meals will give you the required nutrition while the snacks will keep your body from feeling starved.

It is important that you stick to your meal times since the calories are measured in every meal. You cannot afford to lose out on them, else you will feel giddy and might faint.

It is important to cleanse your diet of processed and fast foods. They contain polyunsaturated fats that only add extra pounds to your love handles. Instead, include a balanced diet of adequate carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fibers. Carbohydrates are sources of energy that will keep you going through the day.

Proteins help build muscle mass and strength. Minerals and vitamins are essential for the maintenance of immunity and overall development.

You should also include fatty acids in your diet found in olive oil, avocados, and nuts that help lower the bad cholesterol in your blood as well as maintain heart health. Fiber or roughage, on the other hand, helps keep your digestive system clean.

It relieves digestive problems of constipation, bloating, and gas as well as skin problems like breakouts.

All things considered, no solution will benefit you until your body gets its due rest. Every adult is advised seven to eight hours of sound sleep to wake up refreshed. While you are asleep, your body takes on all repair actions that may be necessary.

Also, staying up late into the night stimulates the hunger hormones, which eventually prompts binge eating. It is, thus, indirectly responsible for the unwanted weight gain.

Late nights are also responsible for the bags under your eyes, dry and unappealing skin, and general tiredness.

Through the course of the day, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated. Proper hydration prevents the occurrence of dry and parched skin as well as instances of fatigue and weakness.

It also replenishes the lost salts from your body and helps maintain the electrolyte balance. An adult should ideally drink seven to eight glasses of water every day. You can additionally drink fresh fruit juices, green tea, and other fluids.

However, it is advised to steer clear of caffeinated drinks and sodas. You can indulge in alcoholic beverages once in a while, but make sure to keep yourself properly hydrated post that.

Psychological fitness is just as crucial as physical fitness. So, indulge in physical intimacy with your partner. Good sexual health stimulates the secretion of the happy hormone called dopamine and creates a general good feeling.

It reduces stress and leaves you feeling confident. It also prompts significant improvement in reproductive health and erases conception and pregnancy problems. Physical intimacy will also help strengthen your bond and trust with your partner.

It is about time we took control of our lives and steered it in the right direction. Making this decision is the first and most important step towards better and healthier living. Once you have made that choice, everything else will fall into place. Promise yourself to persevere on your journey to leading a better life, and you will succeed!


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