Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the
soul of the son is mine (Ezekiel

There are those who ask if it’s possible for people to sell their
souls to the devil. No one can sell his or her soul to the devil; the
reason being that all souls belong to God.

How can Satan
possibly pay for the soul of any human being and with what
“currency” exactly?

God paid for the soul of every man, woman, boy, and girl, with the precious
blood of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:18-19).

Satan lies to a whole lot of Christians, deceiving them to
think he’s in charge of their lives somehow, whereas he doesn’t have such rights. Jesus bought
the whole field and paid for everyman.
So, you can’t sell your
soul to the devil.

In todays post i will be discussing the health benefit of “Okra And Bitter Leaf Soup” and how to prepare it.

Bitter leaf as the name implies is a bitter leafy green
or sometimes gray vegetable known in Nigeria as onugbu
by the Igbos, ewuro by the Yorubas and chusa-doki shawaka by the Hausas.

Scientifically, it is called vernonia amygdalina and
sometimes referred to as iron weed.

Health Benefits
1. It speeds up metabolism and
therefore is great for weight loss.
2. Bitter leaf juice relieves fever
and feverish conditions. Take the
squeezed juice, 3 times daily until
the symptoms disappears.

3 It also helps to reduce high sugar level in the blood, and great for diabetic patients.

4. Squeeze the fresh leaves on your palm and apply the juice on skin rashes, eczema, ring worms
and any superficial skin ailments, you will notice a change in few days. Don’t apply to open wounds.

Benefits of Okra
Okra, also known as “lady’s finger”, or “bamia” is one of
the popular nutritious vegetables of North-East
African origin.

The pods usually gathered while they
are green, tender, and at immature stage. The plant is
cultivated throughout the tropical and warm temperate
regions around the world for their fibrous fruits or “pods.”

Bamia grows best in well- drained and manure rich soil.

Finally, our take home point, this is the more reason why you should consume this special mean everyday.

i. Assorted parts of meat
ii. Stock fish
iii. Blended pepper
iv. Iru (locust bean)
v. Medium smoked fish (1 piece well washed)
vi. Palm oil (150ml)
vii. Fresh Okra
viii. Bitter leaf ( well washed)
ix. Bush meat well washed(optional)
x. Seasoning cube
xi. Broth
xii. Salt
xiii. Onion for seasoning
xiv. Cray fish

1. Add the well cut and washed meats in a clean large sauce pan, add a cup of water, season with sliced onion, blended pepper, salt and seasoning cube steam for 30minutes till tender.

2. Add the smoked fish ( remove the bones, gills and intestines wash before adding into the pan), add the stock fish and cook for another 5-10minutes. After that specific time add the remainings of the ingredients.

3. Wash the okra thoroughly, divide it into two, chop one half and then chop the rest into small rounds. (you can decide to pound it or use it like that)

4. Wash the bitter leaf to some extent to remove the bitterness from the leaf. so as not to taste too bitter, after that cross cut it again.

5. Add the prepared okra to the steaming soup and stir, after a while add the bitter leaf to it and stir again for 5seconds.

6. Add the palm oil and iru together, allow to bubble and simmer for 5minutes, sprinkle in some blended crayfish, add more pepper, salt to taste, seasoning cube to taste as well and then stir, simmer for extra 5minutes.

7. Best served with hot pounded Yam and Garri. Or any meal of your choice.


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