Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update (FG To Promote Agricultural Research)

Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, has reinstated government’s
commitment to diversify the
country’s economy through the use of science and technology to
promote agricultural researches, adding that no nation can strive without science and technology.

Dr. Onu, noted that the role of
biotechnology in improving food
production in the agricultural sector of the Niger- Delta and
Nigeria in particular is huge, adding that if China with over one billion population can feed and sustain their economy, Nigerians has no excuse to be
hungry and poor.

The minister who made this known in Odi, Kolokuma/
Opokuma local council area of the state during a facility
familiarization tour and commissioning of three research
blocks at the Bio-resources Development Centre (BIODEC), predicted that with the facilities in the centre, enough capacity will be generated to help the
nation in food security.

Onu reiterated that the country has the sustainable base to build upon its assets, and could create
enough jobs if the people centre their focus on science and
technology, emphasizing that if
the people of the region can go more into snail, mush room, aqua culture, grass-cutter farming that will create jobs for others and make more wealth.

“We can’t continue to cry for employments when we can make
millions of naira and also export these crops, there’s no way we can continue to import rice into the country when we have the soil here they can provide for the whole country, we have ginger
plants and its has a lot of economy value, the country’s
population represents a large
domestic market that can support and sustain local
production and processing”.

In his remark, the Coordinating
Director of the Bio-Resources Centre, Odi, Mr Josiaha Habu,
described the centre as the pioneer bio-resources centre
established in 2003 as a means of extending its biotechnology
research capacity to the remote areas to explore their untapped abundance of indigenous bio-
resources resources and in turn delivering its national
biotechnology programmes to the location region.


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