(Win First In The Spirit)

Before your victory
shows on the outside, you will need to win first in the spirit.

You prevail first with God, before you
prevail with men. This doesn’t mean forcing Him to do
something for you; no.

What it simply means is that you continue in heartfelt intercession,
until you see and apprehend your victory in the spirit.

When you win first in the spirit, nothing in this world will be able to successfully stand against you.

What is that challenge before you today? You can make a change today, by your prayers of
intercession; it’s time to prevail and win in the spirit.

In todays’ post i Will be discussing on “How To Cook Owo Soup”.

Owo Soup also known as Oghwo/
Owhoephri is a Niger delta delicacy, peculiar to the people of Urhobos, (Itsekiris and Isokohs) of Delta state, Nigeria and also the people of Yoenogoa Bayelsa.

This meal is mostly cooked during festive seasons, most especially when giving out a daughter’s hand in marriage.

More over this delicacy can be served with Starch (Usi), unripe plantain or boiled yam. It is yellowish in colour.

i. Starch (Usi) half a big spoon cooking spoon
ii. Garri
iii. Potash (Akanu)
iv. Lemon (Optional for washing the perewinkle)
v. Native salt
vi. Meat (cow foot and Beef)
vii. Snail
viii. Periwinkle (optional)
ix. Smoked fish (catfish or anyone of your choice)
x. Palm oil
xi. Seasoning cubes
xii. Rodo
xiii. Cray fish (to taste)
xiv. Onion (for steaming the meat)

1. Wash your hands very well with moisturising soup, then wipe with clean kitchen hand towel.

2. De-bone the smoked dry fish very well, wash with clean water to avoid sand in it, add into a clean pan and set aside.

3. Cut and wash the Periwinkle thoroughly with the lime or better still wash the perewinkle with clean water alone (your choice)

4. Cut the meat in medium size wash well and steam it while adding seasoning cubes, pepper, onion and salt to taste.

5. When the meat is well cooked separate it from the Broth and set aside

6. Add more water to the broth and place on heat, when the broth starts to boil, add palm oil into the pan and immediately pour some Garri into a clean plate add cold water to it and stir it then pour it into the pan and use the wooden spoon to stir for it to be well blended

7. Allow on heat for about 15-20 minutes, After that, add the crayfish, the well washed smoked fish, the meat and the washed perewinkle into the steaming pan

8. Add pepper and seasoning cube to taste

9. Pour the Starch (Usi) into a deep plate alongside the native Salt (the colour of the salt is usually grey in colour) and the Potash (Akanu), add water and mix into a light paste.

10. Pour the paste into the pan and stir the soup continuously non-stop (but mind you not to fast or hard but not too slow either to avoid lumps) ensure that while you are doing this it is on low heat.
11. More carefulness is being needed from you at this final stage, after adding the Akau inside the soup you are warned not to leave and start doing something else, you need to concentrate and look after the soup, because the akanu inside the soup will start to foam. So you need to watch it at all time.

12. After adding the starch mixture into the soup ensure not to cover the pan else the soup will spoil

13. Allow on heat for extra 10-15mins and it should be be. Bring it down and keep open. Then serve and eat the soup with plantain, Starch or Pounded Yam.

N/B: Add all recipes such as, pepper, seasoning cubes, and salt to taste.
* Ensure not to cover the soup after you have finished preparing it. (Cover one side not all to avoid it from spoiling).



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