Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naijafoodblog Update (Nigerian Union Threatens Crippling Nationwide Strikes)

The Nigeria labour movement
has threatened to begin an
indefinite strike by midnight on
Tuesday if the federal
government fails to annul the
recent increase in the pump
price of petrol and electricity
tariff.The threat contained in a
statement seen by APA on
Sunday said reverting to the old
price regime would reduce the
suffering of the Nigerian people
who cannot keep up with the
new tariffs.
“We consider this singular act of
mindless pump price increase as
a betrayal of trust …and we
urge the government to revert to
the pre-45 percent electricity
tariff increase, make meters
available to consumers and stop
estimated billing” labour
Nigeria last Wednesday
announced a new price regime
for petrol with the highest being
$0.77 (N145) per litre, provoking
a furious reaction from labour
unions who criticized the
increase as callous.
The Petroleum Products Pricing
Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) said
the new price regime was
coming into effect immediately,
discarding the prevailing price of
$0.34 (N68).
The agency said that “this
review became imperative in the
face of extreme difficulties faced
by petroleum product importers
in sourcing foreign exchange”.
The Nigeria National Petroleum
Corporation, NNPC, however,
advised its retail stations on the
outskirts of major cities to sell at
prices lower than N145 per litre.
Meanwhile trade unions have
threatened to mobilise ordinary
and helpless Nigerians to take to
the streets, shut down all banks,
sea and airports, government
and private offices as well as
They have also vowed to resist
the “machinations and
cruelties of the neo-liberal forces
in the government as part of the
process of saving it from itself
and the generality of Nigerians
from slavery.”
It advised Nigerians to stock up
on food essentials that would
last long since the planned strike
could drag on indefinitely.
Labour demanded that the
government reconstitute the
boards of the Petroleum
Products Pricing Regulatory
Agency (PPPRA) and the Nigerian
National Petroleum Corporation
(NNPC) without further delay.
It also urged President
Muhammadu Buhari to intensify
efforts to prosecute all those
involved in subsidy scams in
Nigeria with a view to recovering
what was due the nation and
sanctioning all those culpable.
It advised the government to
among other things enhance
local refining capacity within a
specified period instead of
“endless importation” as an
enduring solution to the
perennial problem of scarcity.
“In the event government fails to
accede to these demands on or
before 12 midnight on Tuesday
May 17, 2016, NLC, TUC, and their
civil society allies resolve to go on
strike and commence the
following actions with effect
from Wednesday, May 18, 2016â
€� the statement warned.


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