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Foodie Naijafoodblog Update (Nigeria’s Labour Congress Threatens Indefinite Strike Over)

As more Nigerians
continue to react on the
recent increase in fuel
prices, the Nigeria Labour
Congress (NLC) has
ordered the government
to revert to the original
price by Tuesday or face
indefinite strike from
The labour union made
this announcement in a
meeting attended by
major civil society
organisations based in
the capital, Abuja.
President of NLC, Ayuba
Wabba said the
government has less than
three days to respond to
their demand.
“ We were taken
aback and see
the astronomical
increase. That is
our position. We
deserve some
respect because
we are
Nigerians and
we all own
Nigeria. ”
“In the event that
government refuses to
accede to these demands
on or before 12 midnight
on Tuesday, May 17th,
2016, the Nigeria Labour
Congress, the Trade Union
Congress, and their civil
society allies resolve to
commence the following
action with effect from
Wednesday, May 18th,
2016: One: Mobilize to the
streets, across the
country, ordinary and
helpless Nigerians to
whom they owe the duty
of protection. Two: Shut
down all banks, public
and private offices as well
as markets (and) Three:
Commence indefinite
nationwide action.”

Nigeria Labour
Congress assures
Nigeria that he will
put a stop to the
unilateral increase
in prices of
petroleum products
by the government
— NTA News
May 12, 2016″
Authorities in the country
have increased the fuel
pump price from N86 and
N86.50k to N145 per litre.
NLC leaders said they are
against the price increase
and would mobilise
workers for a nationwide
protest on Wednesday to
demand that the
government reverse the
They urged Nigerians to
stockpile food ahead of
the protest against fuel
subsidy removal.
The labour group
complained that the way
the pump price was
increased without
consultation with labour
showed that the
government has no
regard for workers.
“Less than 2 hours after
we left that place, there
was a breaking news. We
were taken aback. And
see the astronomical
increase. That is our
position. We deserve
some respect. Because we
are Nigerians and we all
own Nigeria,” said
president of the Trade
Union Congress, Boboyi
The union leaders
reiterated that the
president Muhammadu
Buhari who they
supported in the last
general elections, did not
accord them the expected
respect as workers.
“Between Wednesday and
today, when the new
pump price was
announced, the Naira has
further crashed against
the dollar, first to 340 on
Thursday, then 365 on
Friday morning, and 385
by the close of business
on Friday. All within 48
hours. At this rate, we
believe it will not take
long before the Naira
becomes entirely useless
against the dollar,” said
President Buhari last year
during the electioneering
campaign had promised
that if elected president,
he would not remove fuel
The president had
maintained after his
election that there was no
subsidy in the country’s
petroleum product price
regime adding that he did
not see how its removal
would be beneficial to the
ordinary Nigerian.


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