“Divine Order”
There’s such a thing as divine order.
Order here, is a prescribed form of religious service or rite.

Through the scriptures, we see
that the Lord established definite
orders and patterns for different
services of spiritual importance.

Even the ministries and offices of
the prophets, priests, and kings
had divine orders guiding their
actions and in relation to one

Todays post is on “How To Cook Obe Onigba”

Obe Onigba is a
flavored, garden egg
stew mostly eaten by the yorubas of Nigeria, this meal makes a good vegetarian meal especially when it is being served along with rice or yam.

It is low in fat
and high in potassium food, it is good for people with blood pressure, cholesterol and weight concerns as well as diabetes.

It is be made healthier by the
addition of spinach leaves as a puree to increase Vitamin
A, K and folate content as well as
fiber value.

i. 1kg garden eggs ( washed and well cubed)
ii. salt to taste
iii. 1 large Onion
iv. 100g fresh chilies
v. 150ml palm oil
vi. Seasoning cube
vii. Spinach ( as puree) optional
viii. Little pepper
ix. Tomatoes
x. Smoked fish

1. Grind the fresh tomatoes, peppers and onions.
2. Place a pan on heat and add the oil when hot fry the grinded ingredients for 10
3. Add the tomato puree and Fish then stir thoroughly, cook for 5 minutes
until well blended
4. Add the cubed garden eggs.
Stir thoroughly and allow to simmer for 15 minutes.
5. Add the remaining recipes such as salt to taste, seasoning cube, pepper to taste.
6. Remove from fire and serve with boiled rice or yam.


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