Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update (Foreign Investors Eye Food Sector)

Food and agribusiness could
become an “emerging sector”
for foreign investors, the
Director, Life Sciences Group
Africa, Global Exhibitions, Jamie
Hill, has said.
With a population of about
180 million, a government
aspiring to improve the gross
domestic product (GDP), Hill
said Nigeria offers enormous
growth potential across a
number of different sectors.
Hill said the drivers for
investments in the agric and
food sectors were very strong
and favourable and he expects
that growth to continue.
He said the nation would
continue to see strong interest
and investment from abroad
and the foreign investors
would find the food sector in
the country attractive.
According to him, improving
the nation’s food sector is
critical given an ever-
increasing demand for food.
In line with this, he said his
organisation zeroed on food
safety during its just concluded
Food Nigeria exhibition since
it has become an issue of
concern for international food
firms in export.
He explained that the
exhibition provided a platform
for international and regional
food and beverage companies
to network and cultivate
business ties.


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