You are a God carrier, the dispenser of His grace, power, and glory. God seeks to manifest His glory and power, and establish His
righteousness in the earth, through you.

His anointing is in
you (1 John 2:27). Stir up that anointing always. How do you stir up the anointing? It’s by getting yourself filled again and again with the

Therefore speak, sing, and make melody of the word to yourself continually; it’s
something you have to do consciously to maintain the glow
of the Spirit and experience His
manifestations in your life always.

Hello Readers, i welcome you all in advance into a new month.

In todays’ article i would like to share with you all an interesting post. “How To Make Quick Turkey Stuffing”

Turkey is a large bird in the genus Meleagris, which is
native to the Americas. One species, Meleagris gallopavo (which is commonly known as the domestic turkey or wild turkey),
is native to the forests of North
America, mainly Mexico and the
United States.

The Native Americans started using turkey as meat around 1100AD.

I Love my Turkey Stuffings well garlicky and sweet, and i eat on a rare occasion like friends visiting day, or when i just want to eat it.

But for some people, stuffing is best prepared as a Thanksgiving meal. With infinite variation in choice of ingredients, you can
make your stuffing sweet or garlicky, meaty or light. It all depends on your taste.

i. 2 loafs cornbread
ii. 8 tablespoon (115g) butter
iii. Button & Oyster mushrooms (20 each)
iv. Large stalks of celery (4 piece)
v. 2 white onions
vi. 3 cloves garlic
vii. ¼ cup parsley leaves
viii. ¼ cup sage leaves
ix. 1.2L chicken stock (be warned not to use it all)
x. Salt to taste
xi. Pepper to taste
xii. You can as well add sausage, nuts, goat cheese or fruit. (if you want to, but its optional)

1. Preheat the oven. Set it to 275ºF (135ºC). Cube the bread. Cut the bread into ¾ roughly cubes inches. If using
unsliced bread, slice
lengthwise down the loaf.

2. Toast a couple handfuls of pine nuts or roughly chopped walnuts on a
separate tray. If using
pine nuts, remove after 5–7 minutes to
prevent it from burning.

3. Choping of the vegetables and herbs. Dice the celery, onions, garlic, the parsley and sage if
using fresh leaves. Chop the mushrooms roughly, for a texture similar to the ground meat.

4. Sauté the mushrooms, grease a third of the butter in a large, heavy bottomed pan until it stops foaming, but add the mushrooms and cook before it turns brown, stir occasionally, for
about 5 minutes. Wait till it starts to sizzle and then turn
golden brown.

5.Melt the remaining butter, leaving the mushrooms in the pan. Add all the vegetables and
herbs that were chopped, plus thyme, salt, and pepper. Cover to cook for 5minutes till it becomes slightly softened, about 5 minutes. Some of
the vegetables should still be crunchy, especially the celery.

6. Mix vegetables and
bread, and hot chicken stock. Add the toasted bread cubes to the vegetable mixture in the same pan, mix thoroughly.
Moisten with hot
chicken stock. Heat
chicken stock on the stove or microwave till it starts steaming.

7. Gradually add the
stock while stirring, until all the bread is moist. If you have plans of cooking the stuffing inside the bird, just use ¾
of your stock, so it can still absorb turkey juices. If the stuffing refuses
to clump together,
beat one large eggs, then stir it into
the mixture.

1. Cooking the
stuffing inside the turkey adds more flavor, but has a risk of bacterial infection. The FDA and other food safety experts highly recommend
the use of a food
thermometer that can
reach the center of the stuffing. If you do not have one, then cook the stuffing separately or get one.

2. If you made the stuffing in advance, keep it in the refrigerator, then warm in a large pan.
Stuff the turkey loosely. Because
if packed too tightly,
the stuffing may become rubbery and fail to reach safe temperatures.

3. Add about ¾ cup stuffing for every pound of turkey (360
mL per kg). If you can fit your entire hand in the turkey, the stuffing has enough room to expand as
it absorbs juice.

4. Immediately after stuffing, place the turkey in the oven
and set it to 325ºF (160ºC).
Before removing the turkey from the oven, check that its internal temperature has reached 165ºF (74ºC).
Measure the temperature at the center of the stuffing, the thickest part of the breast, and the
innermost part of the thigh and wing.

5. Remove the
turkey from the oven. Then wait for 20 minutes before carving it or before removing the stuffing. At this time, the turkey will be well cooked and the
juices will redistribute
throughout the meat for a more tender meal.
Serve hot with any juice.


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