Healthy Eating


“HE’S RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE” (You Won’t Be Swallowed Up).

The Lord can solve whatever challenges you may be facing
right now, no matter how difficult they seem.

Maybe you’re
experiencing some difficulty with your studies, and you feel
overwhelmed. Or perhaps, you’re
concerned about that nagging situation in your family, and you
don’t know what to do.

It may even seem as though the devil has you drowning in the mire of a terrible habit. Don’t despair!
The Lord is with you to bring you out of that trouble.

All you have to do is put your trust in Him. Don’t give up. God has made a way of escape for you, and
you’re coming out on top of that situation. Halleluyah!

In today’s post i will be discussing on how to make “Apple Banana and Carrot Combo Juice”.

Apple Banana Carrot Juice is one juice you can always find in all fruit juice stalls.

It is quite a filling juice and it taste delicious, I usually pick Apple Banana Carrot Combo (ABC) or Watermelon and Banana juice if I do not feel like drinking tea.

I mostly make this for breakfast along with sandwich for a
delicious and a satisfying meal as well.


i. Apple (2 medium size)
ii. 2 Ripe Banana
iii. 2 Medium Carrot
iv. Sugar/Honey – To Taste (I used Honey while making mine)
v. 1 Cup of Water ( if you are using juicer,
ignore using water)
vi. Few Ice Cubes


1. Peel, core and chop the apple, peel and the chop carrot and the banana into small cuts.

2. Add everything in a blender or in mixer along with little quantity of water
and ice cubes then blend until very smooth.

3. In the case of using a juicer, you will have to add the apple, banana and the carrot in the juicer and later mix honey/sugar, ice cubes together.

4. Sieve the juice and serve. But preferable i love to take it without sieving it cause of the color it will later get to give you when being sieved.

So my advice to you all is after blending all together serve it immediately the way it is rather than sieving it. Inorder to avoided the colour to be dark.


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