Ephesians 4:28 says,
Let him that stole steal no more: but rather let him labour,
working with his hands the thing which is good, that he may have to give to him that needeth.

There’re different levels of prosperity
and you must keep
challenging yourself to go higher. Some
are at the level where they have just enough to get by, but it’s not enough to have enough.

God’s plan is for you to live in
superabundance, where you’re powerful and influential enough
financially to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it, however you want to do it! Don’t be comfortable to have
just enough, for you and your family.

Don’t be comfortable with having only all you need; challenge yourself to achieve
more. You need to prosper exceedingly, not just for you and
your family, but so you can be of help to those in need.

Be the one that blesses others. This is what God told Abraham: “And I will
make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a
blessing” (Genesis 12:2).

God isn’t just interested only in
blessing you; He has blessed you and made you a channel of blessing.

Therefore this should be your attitude: live beyond yourself and be a blessing to others.

Welcome back to this wonderful Food Segment!

Today’s post is on ” ZESTY SOUTHWEST DIP”

Best Ever Southwestern Black
Bean Dip has always been my gluten free party and grill out staple for some time now, after discovering this meal i just love making it more often at home. Its mainly for visitors who visit you at your home.

You and your guests will love this traditional layered party dip just as i love it. The recipes is slimmed down by replacing black beans and nonfat yogurt cheese in place of fatty refined beans and sour cream.

A piece of advice from me, you can also combine this Zesty dip with baked tortilla chips inorder to keep the snacks at its Healthiest.

i. 1 1/2 cup nonfat yogurt cheese.
ii. Freshly cilantro ( well chopped) 2 tablespoon.
iii. Jalapeno peppers ( 1 teaspoon, well seeded and minced).
iv. 15 Ounce black beans ( well ringed and drained from can).
v. Chunky salsa ( 1/4 cup).
vi. Sweet Red Peppers ( seeded and diced). To taste
vii. 1/4 Cup well sliced Scallions.

1. Wash your hands thoroughly with a moisturisng soap and rince with clean water, then get a clean kitchen wipe or kitchen towel to wipe out the waters in your hands.

2. In a clean small bowl, mix together the yogurt chees, cilantro and the jalapeno peppers, spread abroad in a circle on an 8 serving plates and set aside.

3. In another clean bowl, mix the beans and the salsa together. Spoon over the yogurt mixture into the mixed recipes, leaving a 1 border all around it.

4. Sprinkling red peppers in it and leaving a border of the beans, showing pace the scallions on a circle at the center.

Inorder to make yogurt cheese, spoon in 4 cups of nonfat plain yogurt into a colander lined with a cheese cloth, cover the colander with a plastic wrap and place it over a large bowl.

Refrigerate it over night so as to drain the liquid from the yogurt.

After that Discard the liquid then you will be left with about 2 cups of Yogurt cheese in the colander. You can then make use of it.

This recipes serves as 137 calories and 10grams fat which is 66% of calories in its Standard Recipes.

The Make Over Recipes is 61 calories and 0.5grams which is a 7% calories of fat. This dish is made for 8 servings!


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