Righteousness is the expression of the will and nature of the Father. This is because to express righteousness and goodness, God reveals His nature and will to man; He’s the judge, and by His very nature, He decides what’s good or evil, right or wrong.

Therefore, His revelation of
Himself, His nature, His character, and His will, is the expression of righteousness.

Let me start now and wish you all a Happy New Month in advance, and also leave you with this delicious recipe called “ABAK NKONG UBONG” Meaning Palm Nut Fruit Soup prepared with Pumpkin leaf.

This African dish originates from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, specifically from the Ibibio tribe.
The only difference between Abak soup that you use Atama leaf and this very one is that, the former (Atama leaf) is being shredded and pounded, while the later is only being shredded into small chunks.

Another outstanding difference between the two (2) veggies is that they are being known for their different health benefits, such as,
i. Atama Leaf takes care of reducing internal heat, and also mild gastrointestinal disorder ( stomach/ intestines).
While the,
ii. Pumpkin leaf is being known for providing the body with abundant vitamins and minerals (multivitamins).

Generally, the palm nut fruit is called Oyop in ibibio language, Osi in Oron language and Eyop in Efik language. While Pumpkin leaf is called “Nkong Ubong” in ibibio language, “Mfang-Ubre” in Oron language and “Ikong Ubong” in Efik language

i. Oyop (palm nut fruit)
ii. Nkong Ubong (pumpkin leaf)
iii. Seasoning cube
iv. Stock fish
v. Pepper to taste
vi. Salt to taste
vii. Onion ( for seasoning)
viii. Fish (smoked)
ix. Crayfish ( blended and not blended)
x. Assorted meat
xi. Water to cook.

1. Cut the meat to a medium size, de-bone the smoked fish and cut the stock fish and wash them thoroughly to avoid sands, add in a clean pan, season with chopped onions, seasoning cube, pepper, salt to taste and a little quantity of water for steaming. Set the heat and cook for 10-15 minutes.

2. Get the palm nut fruit, wash and add it to a clean sauce pan and then add water and boil the nuts, when it is well cooked bring it down and pound in a clean mortar and pistol, when it is well pounded, remove it and put in a clean big bowl, pour the hot water into it and stir, after that seive it and do away with the chaff.

3. Add the sieved liquid into another clean sauce pan and place on heat, add to it the pounded and unpounded crayfish, the well steam recipes and the broth, add pepper, salt and seasoning cube all to taste, allow to simmer for 10-15minutes.

4. Add the Pumpkin leaf lastly and allow for additional 5minutes, after that bring it down.

You can serve Abak Nkong Ubong with, Eba, Boiled Rice, Boil yam, Boiled Un-ripe Plantain, Pounded yam e.t.c or any swallow of your choice! HAPPY COOKING!!!



  1. Yummy! I can’t wait to try this, thank you so much miss for thos recipe. Ehmm please would you mind posting Otong Soup, i have mean to cook that soup but can’t find the right direction in other blogs on how to make the soup. So i thought you might be of help. Once again thanks for this recipe

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  2. Hey wondeful blog and article you’ve got here, i was directed by a friend who told me you have lots of nigeria and foreign articles here and i decided to just give you a shot, on getting here i’ve noticed that your blog is superb cool. Nice way of communicating to the mass. Keep the good job dear

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love creativity and it seems you’ve got it in you, i love your style of blogging, i’m sure you’ll make a good philanthropist. Cause you do what you are doing with great joy. You rock! Keep the fire burning in you

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