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Indian variety of rice and pulses may soon be grown in Nigeria,
Nigeria is partnering with other
nations of the world as it battles
The Muhammadu Buhari administration is keen on diversifying the Nigerian economy

Indian variety of rice and pulses may soon be grown in Nigeria as the Muhammadu Buhari government intensify partnership with the Asian giant.
The federal government of Nigeria is working on making agriculture the biggest alternative to oil and gas business as it seek to diversify the Nigerian economy in the wake of the recession ravaging the nation.

According to NDTV, the issue came up for discussion during bilateral talks between Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari and President Buhari on Tuesday,
September 27.
Indian Vice President Hamid Ansari and President Muhammadu Buhari during the meeting on Tuesday, September 27 “Nigeria is a substantial importer of food grains. There are lot of land in the
country which can be used for the
purpose of growing Indian variety of rice and pulses.

“This was one of the key areas identified during the talks,” secretary (economic relations) in India’s ministry of external affairs Amar Sinha was quoted as saying.
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Nigeria also expressed keen interest in cooperation in the field of rice processing and to emulate India’s agricultural model and capacity.
The talks are a follow up to Nigeria’s new agricultural policy named ‘The Green Alternative’.
The initiative is the Buhari’s administration answer to Nigeria’s oil revenue massive decline.

Under this policy, the government aims to do everything that is needed to achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture and also become a major exporter of agricultural products. Meanwhile, as part of the talks, a memorandum of understanding was signed on standards between the Bureau of Indian Standards and Standard Organization of Nigeria.

Ansari told President Buhari that the ties between the two countries were solid and there was little disagreement. He described Nigeria as a great energy talent, even as he stressed the need for diversifying and creating more balanced use of energy.

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