Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves. Know ye not your own selves, how that Jesus Christ is in
you. (2 Corinthians 13:5).

Everyone is the expression of what he or she believes.
Your daily life is the loudest voice that gives expression to your belief. As a Christian, therefore, it’s easy for you to review what you truly believe, and determine
whether or not you’re living the authentic Christian life by examining yourself and your

Turn the searchlight on yourself. Ask yourself, “What kind of life am I living? “What have I been like?” “Am I expressing the love of Christ in truth?” “Has the Word affected my communication, to manifest the Kingdom of God in humility and in righteousness?” You need to ponder on such thoughts from time to time as you evaluate your life with the sole purpose of
building and maintaining an excellent character.

Today’s article is on “How To Make Ekoki”.

Ekoki is made from Corn. The Corn is a rich source of Carbohydrate, vitamin C as well as the manganese.
It is also a good source of fibre.

i. Grounded Maize (not too smooth)
ii. Fish ( steamed and well flaked)
iii. Cray fish (blended)
iv. Pepper (grounded)
v. Onion ( optional)
vi. Palm oil
vii. Seasoning cubes
viii. Water (little amount)
ix. Salt
x. Plantain leaf for wrapping. (Or Banana leaf)

1. Pull out the seed of the maize from the cub with the help of your knife, then wash it clean and blend it ( it should not be very smooth inorder not to be a corn flour).

2. Put the grounded corn in a big clean bowl, add water( to your taste) inorder to obtain a pasty form.

3. Add the other recipes such as., pepper, fish and cray fish, seasoning cube, salt to taste and palm oil to the corn paste and mix well. Then taste to know if you are to add more pepper and seasoning. Add little water to the paste if it is too thick.

4. Wrap the mixture with the plantain leaves and steam (just like Moi Moi).
This meal can be taken as snacks.

Happy Cooking!

N/B: Slice the plantain leaves in medium size and add hot water to the sliced leaves.

* Place some of the plantain leaves at the bottom of the pan before placing the ekoki wrapping
*. You are to use the banana leaf if you do not find Plantain leaf around you.

* You are not permitted to use any other material aside from the Plantain leaf and the Banana leaf.


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