Naija Foodie Update


The National Complementary and Alternative Medical Association (NACAMA), has advised the three tiers of governments and farmers to check undue chemical addition in food.

The NACAMA National President, Prof. Peter Katchy, gave the advice when he spoke with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Enugu on Sunday.
Katchy, a Professor of Alternative Medicine,, said that highly processed and denatured food had adversely worsened man’s health problem.

“Crops are now grown by the use of chemicals which forces growth artificially, resulting in more foods, but less nutrients.
“Some years back there would have been no need for nutrition education because people enjoyed variety in food, to balance nutrients.

“But today, it is difficult if not impossible for many families to have such luxury as variety in food,” he said, adding that the older generation enjoyed better food than today’s generation.
According to him, it is clearly obvious that our food is poorer in quality but more appetizing due to its cosmetic dressing with high preservative agents and seasonings,’’ he said.
Katchy said that the country’s development had reached a point where what we eat should our number our health concern.

“The problem of denatured food and its effect on health is a Cold War. Many of us, because of ignorance, dig our graves with our teeth, thereby sacrificing health at the altar of appetite on processed food,’’ he said.
Kathy, member, Ministerial Technical Committee on the Development of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nigeria, noted that food must always be natural and its preventive medicine as God had ordained it.
“It is true that our diseases have their root in food, which means that the food we eat has the capacity of nourishing us as well as planting a seed of illness,’’ he said.
NAN reports that the World Food Day 2016 is themed: “Climate is Changing. Food and Agriculture Must Too’’. (NAN)


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