Did you know that your talk is your future? Every human person is the character of his or her words. Who you are today, what
you’ve become, is the result of your words.

That’s the reason you must mind your language and train yourself to talk right. People learn their language, especially unwholesome communication, from the world around them. Someone who consistently says about his job, “This job is killing me,” probably picked it up from other colleagues or friends at work. They may think it’s fashionable to talk that way, but what they don’t realize is that death and life are in the power of the tongue.

In today’s article i will be discussing on “How To Prepare Miyan Busheshen
Kubewa (Dried Okra Soup)”.
This soup is a very common and popular soup in the Northern part of Nigeria and several other west and north African countries, with different preparations.

I was so excited to have a taste on this delicious okra soup a few days back. Sit back and relax while i give you the recipes and procedures on how to cook this fantastic soup.


i. Ruwa (Water)
ii. Smoked Fish ( Preferred Mackerel Fish)
iii. Thumb-Size Piece of Citta
iv. 3–4 Burkunu (Scotch Bonnet Pepper)
v. Dawadawa (Iru/Locust Bean)
vi. Dried Crayfish (Handful)
vii. 5 Tablespoons Mai Ja (Palm Oil)
viii. 7–8 Tablespoons Dried Kubewa (Okra)
ix. 500 grams of Nama Shanu (Beef) (Cut in medium sizes)
x. 500 grams of Beef Bones. (mind you if you are using bone-in beef of which is necessary, you are to use a total of 1 kg of bone-in beef and leave out the beef bones)
xi. Seasoning Cubes (to taste)
xii. Albasa (Onion) 1 medium size
xiii. Gishiri (Salt) to Taste

1. Wash the beef and bones, add in a large sauce pan. Add some chopped onions, pepper, seasoning cube and salt to taste then place the pan on heat and set to boil. Steam for 45 minutes, or as long as it takes the beef to be very soft. ( Do not add much water to the beef).

2. Prepare the smoked fish, by removing the bones and gills, the piece into chunks (but do not piece them too small) Also you can add parts of the fish head to complete the traditional way.

3. In a clean mortar or blender, crush the brukunu along with the citta and dried crayfish. When successfully blended, add the
dawadawa and crush a little
If you are using dried dawadawa,
crush it first before adding the
other recipes. Concerning the Burkunu, what i discovered is that a true northerner will place a whole burkunu in the soup that’s how my friend taught me. This is usually served with the soup and crushed in the plate as the meal is being eaten.

4. After steaming the beef for 45 minutes, add more water you know can take you in preparing the soup. One other thing, the quantity of water you add at this point determines how much dried okro you have to use. Like mine i used about 2 cups of water in steaming the beef and decided to use 6 more cups of water after 45
minutes in preparing the maimed soup.

5. Allow the water to boil before adding the crushed ginger paste, smoked mackerel, whole brukunu and palm oil. Do not allow any of the ginger paste to waste, therefore rinse the mortar or blender with little amount of water and add it to the soup then allow to simmer uncovered for 20 minutes.

6. After 20 minutes, remove the
meat and smoked fish from the
steaming pan along with any other bites you have in the soup. Taste the broth now to know if the seasonings need to be adjust (that’s if the pepper, salt and seasoning cube isn’t sufficient add more).

Incase you are wondering why the beef and other things are removed, wonder and ask no more, it is being removed so as to prevent the soup from forming lumps when the dried okra is added. Amazing right?

7. Take some okra in one hand and add it into the soup bit by bit then use the other to stir the soup
continuously until all the okra
has been incorporated. Keep
adding dried okra until you get
the consistency you love. If you
add too much dried okra, just
add some more water to thin it
out. Know that this soup will
continue to become thicken as it gets cool.

8. Add back the meat and other
recipes to the pan and cook
for extra10 minutes, uncovered.

After that serve hot with swallows such as, Tuwon Masara, Tuwon Shinkafa, Tuwon Acha or any other Tuwo of your choice. To complete the taste, add a teaspoon of Mai Shanu to the soup and watch it melt into the soup. While eating this soup, add the pepper to one side of the plate, crush and add it into the soup and keep eating the meal. YUMMY!

N/B: Beef is the traditional meat used in cooking this soup. You
can use other types of meats and seafood. If you are sure you want to stick to tradition, make use of beef.
*The beef bones are part of this soup. Part of the trills of this soup is chewing the bones at the end of
the meal. (very important).


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