Did you know that your talk is your future? Every human person is the character of his or her words. Who you are today, what
you’ve become, is the result of your words.

That’s the reason you must mind your language and train yourself to talk right. People learn their language, especially unwholesome communication, from the world around them. Someone who consistently says about his job, “This job is killing me,” probably picked it up from other colleagues or friends at work. They may think it’s fashionable to talk that way, but what they don’t realize is that death and life are in the power of the tongue.

In today’s article i will be discussing on “How To Prepare Miyan Busheshen
Kubewa (Dried Okra Soup)”.
This soup is a very common and popular soup in the Northern part of Nigeria and several other west and north African countries, with different preparations.

I was so excited to have a taste on this delicious okra soup a few days back. Sit back and relax while i give you the recipes and procedures on how to cook this fantastic soup.


i. Ruwa (Water)
ii. Smoked Fish ( Preferred Mackerel Fish)
iii. Thumb-Size Piece of Citta
iv. 3–4 Burkunu (Scotch Bonnet Pepper)
v. Dawadawa (Iru/Locust Bean)
vi. Dried Crayfish (Handful)
vii. 5 Tablespoons Mai Ja (Palm Oil)
viii. 7–8 Tablespoons Dried Kubewa (Okra)
ix. 500 grams of Nama Shanu (Beef) (Cut in medium sizes)
x. 500 grams of Beef Bones. (mind you if you are using bone-in beef of which is necessary, you are to use a total of 1 kg of bone-in beef and leave out the beef bones)
xi. Seasoning Cubes (to taste)
xii. Albasa (Onion) 1 medium size
xiii. Gishiri (Salt) to Taste

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