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If you cannot complete a night of
drinking without stopping off at
McDonalds on the way home and/or raiding your cupboards for pasta when you finally make it home, you can find comfort in the fact there could be a scientific explanation for your behaviour.

A new study published in Nature
Communication by the Francis Crick Institute investigated whether a link between alcohol intake and overeating could be determined. The authors noted
the link between overeating and
drinking alcohol was puzzling because “ethanol (alcohol) is a calorie-dense nutrient and calorie intake usually suppresses brain appetite”.

In the study, mice were given ethanol for three days and saline for three days before and after and their food intake was measured. The authors found the
food intake was “significantly and
reversibly increased” on the days the mice were given ethanol.
“These data suggest that alcohol-
induced overeating is an evolutionarily conserved biological phenomenon occurring across mammals, irrespective of aesthetic beliefs and social conditioning,” the study said.

They then studied whether ethanol modulates the hunger signals in the brain and found ethanol concentrations produced a similar cell activation “to that
caused by fasting or physiological
hunger hormones”.

Everyone has their own remedy for a hangover : Drinking a pint of water before bed to prevent the onset in the first place, eating a banana to restore potassium levels, making a fry-up to satisfy those salt cravings or just hobbling as fast as your hungover legs will carry you to the nearest McDonalds. However, often these remedies just don’t cut it and making a clear and coherent choice of what to put into your body after essentially poisoning it for several hours the night before can be a particularly hard task.
“What to cook? What will make me feel human again? What is an instant cure which will involve little movement?” are common questions that run through the hungover yet hungry mind as you stumble to the fridge bleary and bedraggled.
You’re welcome.

Matcha, Maca and protein Lorraine Pascale, TV chef and former model “My ultimate hangover cure is a concoction it’s taken me years to find but it really works for me. Mix some Matcha Green Tea, add some Maca powder and some protein powder. It really wakes me up and knocks the hangover on the head!” Green smoothie Adam Simmonds, Michelin-star chef and executive chef of Pavillion, London “I would say a green smoothie is always a winner. Or, if something more substantial is needed, poached eggs on toast with crushed avocado with seeds such as flax, sunflower or chia. Both help reintroduce some much-needed vitamins and nutrients back in your body and the smoothie is really hydrating too. My green smoothies usually consist of coconut water, spinach, grapes, cucumber, a granny smith apple and kiwi.

Huevos rancheros Sophie Michell, chef, TV presenter and food writer
Gone are the days when I reach for a fry up post-party. I need full on flavours the next day to wake me up. I love Huevos Rancheros or some sort of take on it. Think fried eggs with onions, chilli, coriander and tomatoes then add some feta cheese and lime-laced avocado to the plate with the all important corn tortillas or flatbreads to wrap/mop it up. I also tend to have a deep green spirulina boosted smoothie (it actually helps) or, if it’s a weekend, a punchy bloody Mary”

Protein pancakes Joe Wicks, The Body Coach (Getty) “I always tell people, it’s fine to have the occasional blow out as long as you get back on track the next day, so that includes if the blowout was getting a bit boozy and you have a hangover. Training and eating right will clear your head and make you feel better so I try and do that – so after training I’d reward myself with some tasty protein pancakes that look naughty but are actually fuelling my body so it can get back on track!”

Full English Ben Ebbrell, chef, SORTEDfood YouTube channel
‘You’ve really got two options when it comes to hangover breakfast food – you’re either in a mood where you just want to eat EVERYTHING, or, you go down the I’m-going-to-counter-this-by-
being-really-healthy route. If it’s the first, well, nothing beats a full English fry up – beans, toast, sausages, egg, beans, the lot. If it’s the second, I’d suggest our Banana ’Soothie’ recipe, which is a quick pick-me-up recipe. It has milk that helps with nausea, dark chocolate which is an anti-depressant to counter the alcohol/
beer fear, and the natural goodness of a banana: Peel and break the banana into quarters, blend it with a handful of pecans and tablespoon of honey, blitz
until smooth and add in a small cup of milk little by little until you’re happy with the consistency then blitz again. Enjoy!”

The researchers said their study could also provide an insight into “pathological overeating behaviour linked to morbid disorders”.


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