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Frozen food business in Nigeria has become another successful goal to become rich and have a sustainable income. The demands for frozen foods only grows concerning to the increase of
middle-class citizens. Moreover, these citizens tend to live in urban areas of Nigeria.

If they can get some fresh food in
rural areas of the country, it may not be an option for big cities. It makes frozen foods business one of the best options for new entrepreneurs. Frozen food poses many advantages for any urban consumer. The frozen state of
the food keeps it fresh and saves nutrient elements. The business is very profitable as depending on the food`s size and sale location, one entrepreneur can get up to 200% profit.

How to start frozen food business?
Frozen food business plan sample
First of all, you need to have a business plan for the frozen food business. When you start your business many things come into your mind. Therefore, you need to
analyze the market and your actions to conquering the market.

It means that your strategy would be divided into two folds:
1. How to survive?
2. How to prosper?
You may need to find other persons who are also in the frozen foods business. They would give you a professional advice how
to write a business plan. The simplest business plan consists of the following clauses:
Product description. In this part, you need to include your type of goods to sell, distributors, farms, manufacturer, freezing, and packaging process.

Equipment. You need to include how many freezers you plan to get and if they are ready to be sold or ship. If you are setting up a frozen food business from home, then you should explain the whole process for packaging and
freezing. Describe vehicles you plan to use to distribute your products.

Industry: If you plan to sell directly to consumers, then you need to analyze the market demand of the area where you
want to sell products. You should explain why people will want your product! If you plan to sell to the local restaurants and groceries, then identify the size of
the business. Do not forget to analyze your competitors and prove that your food would be competitive on the market.

Marketing: In this section, you need to describe how you will sell the products. If you plan to sell it directly, then explain your packaging and label that will help
people to buy food from you. Marketing also cover your product promotion plan.

Finances: In this part, you need to
estimate your profit and expenses. Do not forget that expenses include the cost of equipment, delivery, packaging, storing and manufacturing. Calculate your prices and be sure that they are
marketable. You should also calculate some products you need to sell to stay in the frozen food business in Nigeria. The frozen food business plan is to be composed for three years at least.

The mentioned above clauses are minimally required for a frozen food business plan.
Business Capital
It`s an essential part if you want to launch your frozen food business. You should search for capital before you start any
business. The scale of your venture is limited by the amount of money you have brought to support it.

Moreover, you should understand that before your recently open frozen food shop starts to bring you profit, you need to invest
a huge amount of money in it. Make enough budget so that you would cover all initial expenses. You might also consider setting aside some sum of money to stay in business if you can`t stabilize your income in first months.

Product Line: Think clearly about what you are going to sell to the people. You might think about
getting your hands on poultry products as they are in great demand. Therefore, poultry and seafood can be your first option as it`s the best to start with something what everybody needs. Still, make your local market analysis, try to find what the number one frozen food in the
area is.

For instance, you want to start with fish, then try to find which fish people prefer in this particular area. Moreover, if you want to sell different frozen products, then do
not store them in one refrigerator. For example, fish has not pleasant aroma for some people. If you are about to start poultry and fish frozen food business, then some people may not like the idea of
getting two products from the same refrigerator.

Suitable Location: The location is also a necessary part of any
business. Some ventures thrive in certain locations, while others fail. Once again, make a complete analysis of the area you want to start your business. Moreover,
analyze your frozen food shop perspective in two years in this area.
If you understand that you will live in this area in the survival mode and it will not change in the next few years, then why don’t you consider other options? Initial
costs for the business can provide you few month of the survival mode until you start to get profit.

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