Today on the blog is “ONUNU”.

Onunu is another delicacy from
Rivers State. What i love about it is the way it is prepared. What i mean there is, we all know pounded yam right? I’m sure we do, but this one is yam pounded with boiled plantains and then finished off with Palm oil and fresh pepper, that is if you wish to add it.

Onunu mostly is served with a spicy fish pepper soup. But i just decided to prepare this recipe alone for this post, to showcase Rivers State Rich delicacy and surprisingly, it came out just as expected, though it’s served with native soup. To me, based on my own findings and practical Onunu can as well be served with any local soup of your choice, it must not be basically with fish pepper soup.

i. Yam
ii. Ripe plantain
iii. Palm oil
iv. Fresh pepper (optional)

1. Slice the yam, wash it thoroughly and boil, when it is cooked, about half way, add the ripe plantains.

2. If you follow the steps, You will be amazed that you will enjoy it in a 70- 30% ratio of yams to plantain. Before you pound it, be certain that both the yams and the plantains are well cooked (soft). Then bring it down

3. In a clean mortar and pestel, Start pounding the yams first because of its pulp and stretchy nature, as soon as it starts getting smooth, add the plantain. You know since it’s a traditional food you need do it the traditional way.

N/B: Tho we are in modern day i so i will advice you to go for a food processor where you have the hook/blade or even a hand mixer, instead of a mortar inorder to save yourself from the trouble of having to pound yourself.

* Which ever one you choose to use is up to you, but remember to first pound the yams to a pulp, before the plantains, after that finish it off with the dough tool.

4. Once both Recipes is in a smooth consistency, add the amount of fresh pepper you want (that is if you wish to add it this is the time to add it, before the oil). Now add little palm oil, while the mash is still hot, so it can take away that curdling taste of the palm oil.

5. Finish off the pounding, until the palm oil is well blended, now changing the colour to yellow and that’s it, you finally have Onunu on your table ready for consumption. It is very sweet, the way the plantain is mashed with the yam.

Happy Cooking!!! Thanks for your time see you all next week! Happy Easter In Advance


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