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Suya is a very popular street food in the region of Nigeria and other West African countries. It’s usually chicken beef or other meats well seasoned with spices and fire grilled or so to say.

I can remember the day i went out with my cousin to get something and then found this mouth savory dish, oh my! i wish you were there to see it, i couldn’t help myself, here was I standing there and admiring it and they really got me hooked! Yes it did. I bought it and thought of how to prepare it one day all by myself. And oh yesssss! The day finally came, now i’m happy i can make it all by myself. so i decided to share it with you all. Without wasting much of your time, sit tight while i proceed.

Next to a bar, is usually a suya stand. That’s a good and ideal business strategy for local suya vendors. With drinks flowing, so does traffic to the suya stand. It has that perfect heat to clear that unwanted hangover.


i. Shrimps (peeled and De-veined

ii. 1 Tablespoon Suya pepper

iii.  onion powder

iv. 2 Tablespoon garlic infused olive oil

v. 4 bamboo skewers


i. 3 tablespoons olive oil

ii. 1 Tablespoons honey balsamic vinegar (or vinegar of your choice)

iii. 1 Tablespoon minced parsley

iv. 1 Teaspoon minced garlic

v. 1 teaspoon stone ground mustard

vi. Pinch of salt (kosher)

vii. Freshly ground black pepper (little amount)


i. mixed greens (Such as Cabbage and Lettuce)

ii. Couscous (cook as directed)

iii. Frozen Sweet Corn

iv. 3 Plum Tomato

v. 1 bulb Cucumber


  1. Preheat oven to 400, toss the corn with olive oil. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown and crispy. Rinse the shrimp with clean water and pad dry with a clean kitchen towel. grease with 1-2 teaspoon of olive oil, Mix thoroughly and thread 3-4 shrimp on the skewers.
  2. Mix the Suya dry rub with powdered onions, when done, Use this to coat the shrimp on the skewers. On a top grill preheated to medium-high ( charcoal grill preferable), sprinkle the olive oil. Grill shrimps on each side for about 3 minutes or until it is cooked.


  1. Tear in piece the lettuce leaves, spinach, rocket and chop the cabbage in bite-sized pieces and transfer them to a large salad bowl.
  2. 2.  Add the cucumber, tomatoes, onion and corn. Sprinkle with the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper toss to combine. Set aside


  1. In a clean jar, add all the recipes, tight the lid, shake the jar till  the recipes blend.
  2. Taste and adjust seasonings if desired. Add to salad, toss, and serve.
  3. If you have leftover of the dressing, seal it in the jar and refrigerator for 2 – 3 days.

Hurrah! That’s It

Serve in separate bowls topped with shrimp skewers. Extra vinaigrette over skewers is always delicious. But you can skip it you don’t want it.



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