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Good health is the necessity of maintaining a healthy life style alongside your diet.              However, you should be conscious about your eating habits and that of your kids.

That brings us to today’s topic “5 Effects of Eating Junk Food”.

The question you should ask yourself is this, Is Junk Food Bad for my Health?                      Well to start with, Junk food are in various forms and extremely popular. Also, this happens to be an integral part of the modern popular culture.

Foods that are considered as “Junk” include

i. Salty Snack Foods,                                                                                                                            ii. Gum                                                                                                                                                    iii. Candy                                                                                                                                                  iv. Sweet Desserts                                                                                                                                v. Fried Fast Food and                                                                                                                            vi. Sugary Carbonated Beverages.

Foods such as Hamburgers, Pizza and Tacos can be considered as a healthy or a junk food depending on the ingredients and method of preparation. Most highly processed foods usually fall under the category of junk, this includes, breakfast cereals that contains sugar or high fructose corn syrup and milled corn. Junk foods are high in calories and the energy content is not accompanied with proteins and fats required for a nutritious diet.

Let’s take for instance, two different people (Mr. A and Mr. B) ordering the same meal from different fast food joint, it happens that what Mr. A ordered for contributed immensely to his health while that of Mr. B contributed less. That’s to say, not all fast foods are junk. Fast foods are ready-to-eat foods served promptly after ordering. Some fast foods are high in calories and low in nutritional value, while other fast foods, can be low in calories and high in nutritional value as well.

Health effects of junk foods

  1. It causes Obesity:

Junk food plays a major role in the obesity epidemic. the rate of obesity in the next 10 years is expected to reach 42%, according to researchers. Children who eat processed food regularly as part of their diets consume more fat, processed sugar and less fiber than those who do not eat processed food on a regularly basis. Junks in children diets accounts for 185 extra calories per day, leading to about 6 additional pounds of weight gain per year. Obesity increases your risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

  1. It causes Diabetes:

Your insulin levels become higher when you eat processed sugars, such as the ones found in soft drinks and other foods that lack fiber and nutrients necessary to breakdown carbohydrates properly. Eating junk foods throughout the day causes chronically high insulin levels, and eventually prompts your cells to begin to ignore this important hormone, which results in a condition known as insulin resistance.

  1. It causes Depression:

Junk food can lead to depression in not just teenagers but adults as well, Hormonal changes at puberty which makes teens prone to mood and behavioral swings. A healthy diet contributes in keeping the hormone levels on an even keel, while a diet high in junk falls short of these requirements. Consuming trans fats, saturated fats and processed food is associated with up to 58% increase in risk of depression.

  1. It causes High Blood Pressure:

This is known as the silent killer, over 30% – 40% of people are living with high blood pressure which so many of them are unaware of the fact. What we fail to understand is that our dietary choice plays a major role in our health. Junks full of sodium and fat negatively affects your blood pressure whereby putting you at a greater risk for cardiovascular problems.

  1. It causes Heart Disease:

Consuming junk even as little as once a week increases the risk of dying from coronary heart disease by 20%, then the risk goes up to 50% if you eat junks 2-3 times a week. This increase your intake of calories, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sugar from soft drink. Therefore, eating too much of any of these can alter metabolic factors that increase your risk for heart disease.

Junk foods look very attractive, delicious, affordable and readily available for us, but what we generally acquire from the junk foods are unhealthy fats and no healthy nutrients thus we feel lack of oxygen which causes the brain to function below its normal state. Junks are not healthy to the health which every kid and children must know because they generally love to eat junk foods.

As we can see, eating junk food is not just bad, but it can affect our overall health to a great extent.

Healthy Eating Tips


A new commandment i give unto you, that ye love one another; as i have loved you, that ye also love one another John 13:34

Dear Readers, here is another exciting sub Post from the Topic Healthy Eating Part 8 “How Carbohydrate-Rich Food Is Essential To The Body”

Carbohydrate is seen as the culprits behind the epidemic of diabetes and obesity by many people.

One of the major misconception is that carbohydrate-rich food contain too much sugar and its harmful to the body.
The truth is that, the sugar deposited in the plant food is a natural sugar or simple sugar and not the processed sugar.
The sugar derive from plant food rich in carbohydrate is the best and its suitable for the body cell.
Besides, the supposed harm of carbohydrate-rich foods are created by man rather than what is suppose to be inherited naturally from this plant foods invariably, what many people consumed are refined carbohydrates, which is poisonous to the body cells and tissues thereby creating room for different diseases to occur.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), about 68% of death that occurred in 2008 were attributed to killer diseases such as stroke, heart disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes and obesity for which poor diets were contributing factors but those who live in societies that eat healthy plant-based diets rarely encounter these ailments.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D also stated that “regular eating of refined carbohydrates can make the liver become insulin resistant and has trouble regulating the level of sugar in the blood system.
As a matter of fact, carbohydrate-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables with medium glycemic index should constitute 50-80% of our daily calorie intake.

1. FOR ENERGY: Carbohydrate-rich foods supply the cell in the body with glucose to produce energy. The brain and the heart never sleep, they need constant supply of glucose derive from carbohydrate-rich foods to function properly.
The brain alone uses about 15-20% of energy in the body while it also uses about 25-30% of inhaled oxygen.

2. FOR FIBRE: The health benefits of high fibre diet can not be over emphasize, especially for the prevention and healing of cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
Fibre also act like a cleanser, thereby sweeping metabolic wastes out of the digestive system.
A study publish in nature’s journal obesity, showed that increase in soluble fibre reduce the amount of deep belly fat resistance, fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes.
Specifically, there is no way we can up our fibre intake without increasing the consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods, since its the only source of fibre.

3. PH BALANCE: The human body need about 20% acidic food and 80% alkaline foods to maintain a proper PH balance. It is impossoble to maintain a PH balance with low intake of carbohydrate-rich foods.
Basically, the animal products we consume contain protein and fat, while carbohydrate food plant are the source of healthy alkaline foods to ensure PH balance and proper functions of the body organs.

To be candid, we need to consume much raw foods.
Raw foods contain high percent of unrefined carbohydrate. The only plant foods that can be eaten in raw form are Fruits, some Vegetables, such as Carrot, Cucumbers, Orange, Garden Egg, e.t.c.
There is nothing as good as eating raw food, it is a guaranteed means of maintaining a sound and healthy body.
Raw food restore dead cells, it provide sufficient oxygen and repairs damage tissue in the body.

N/B: Our take home message after reading this article, should be “More Carbohydrate, More Health”.


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Healthy Eating Tips


As a Christian, you have got to give the utmost priority and attention to the study of God’s word. God has made you spiritual giant, but until you give yourself wholly to the studying and meditating on the word, you will live far below your potential.


The rainny season is here again, with cold weather, that gives way to certain disease conditions.
This time of the year is when we always experience an outbreak of cough, catarrh, asthma, fever.
Cold weather can lower body temperature, which makes blood and other body fluids thicker and reduce their circulation.
It is during this time of the year that infants are badly hit by cold, due to their weak immune system, while those with sickle cell anemia do not enjoy best of health.
However, the only antidote to cold weather and its negative effects on human health and well being is food that fight cold related disease condition.

Here I Present To You Seven Foods That Fight Cold
1. CARROT: it is an edible root vegetable noted for its outstanding nutritional and medicinal values. As vegetable with fat soluble substance, carrots eliminate cold from the body and improve long term cough. It also increase immunity, boost blood count.
2. CHILI PEPPER: is known as a spice that heats the body effectively.
Chilli pepper chases cold out of the body faster than any other food. This is why the quantity of pepper in foods is increased in western part of Nigeria, during cold weather. This pepper also stimulates immunity, metabolism and promote better blood circulation. Chilli pepper is rich in vitamins A and C.
3. DATES: is the greatest generator of body warmth, and this makes it potent food to fight cold. Dates contain several essential nutrients including potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, B and iron.
4. GARLIC AND ONIONS: These vegetables work better when combined as additive to foods and drinks to fight colds, cough and asthma. Garlic and Onions warm the body and promotes better circulation of the blood.
5. GINGER: is a spice with long history in terms of its versatility in protecting the body against cold and its negative effects.
Whether used as tea or spice in soups, ginger is a great warming food valuable during cold.
6. RAW HONEY: honey is the key to heating up the body to achieve optimum temperature during cold weather inorder to ensure health and well being.
Raw honey contains mainly simple sugars, which is transported by blood stream to liver and muscles , where they are stored as gylcogen, then later transformed into heat and energy.
7. SWEET POTATO: it is a powerful vegetable that makes the body to be warm. This is why sweet potato is called protector of infants who are more prown to cold. It is rich in fibre vitamin A, C, B6, protein and minerals.
Sweet potato, which is edible in raw and cooked forms has proved highly potent in fighting cold and associated diseases, such as, asthma and lung inflammation.

This is where the curtains fall for today.

Happy New Month.
Think Healthy And Eat Healthy.

Healthy Eating Tips


Revelations 12:11 says, And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony.
Whenever God does something for you, it is important that you testify, because If you don’t testify of what the Lord has done for you, you will lose the chances to do it.
Your testimony endorse your miracle, and creates room for you to receive more blessings from the Lord. So you must continue to testify, for your testimony keeps you permanently above satanic onslaught. Therefore make it as a point of duty to share your testimonies with others.

Today’s post is on

Sub-Topic:- “The Effect Of Sugar On Human Health.”
One major draw back of Sugar is the rise of Insulin level that triggers growth hormones which in turn depresses the immune system.

We Have Two Types Of Sugar
1. The refined sugar
2. The natural sugar

Ways Sugar Can Affect Ones Health
1. Sugar suppresses the immune system.
2. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.
3. It cause liver cell to divide, thereby increasing the size of the liver.
4. Sugar cause copper deficiency.
5. Sugar can promote tooth decay.
6. It’s a major contributor of diabetes.
7. Sugar contributes to weight gain and obesity.
8. It causes headaches, including migraines.
9. Sugar reduces helpful high density cholesterol (HDLS).
10. It promotes an elevation of harmful cholesterol (LDLS).

I would Only pick few of the ones listed above and explain much about it.

The immune system is the body’s protective force against foreign invaders, such as
a. Virus
b. Bacteria
c. Parasites
d. Fungi
e. Toxins e.t.c
A study from the journal dental survey investigated sugar’s effect on bacteria-hungry white blood cell called “Neutrophils”
it was found that consuming 24 Ounces of sugar depresses the white blood cell activity by 50%, this occurs thirty minutes after consumption and last for about 7 hours.
People who consume a lot of sugar are more likely to get bacteria infection than those that avoid sugar.

Reasons we do not fully understand, high blood glucose makes it more likely for a person to develop “The Gumming Up” of the arteries that causes heart disease and stroke, the major worldwide killers.
Researchers calculated that raised blood glucose account for 21% of heart disease and 13% of stroke mortality worldwide.
The daily intake of refined sugar should be far less than the required amount of natural sugar inorder to help the heart function well.

When excess is consume, it eventually affect every organ in the body.
Initially, sugar is stored in the liver inform of glucose, (glycogen) and the liver’s capacity is limited.
The excess sugar stored in the liver makes the liver to be in-active and the cell begin to degenerate, thereby making it to expand like a balloon.

TAKE HOME ADVICE:- Excess Refined Sugar Should Be Avoided, Rather Stick To The Required Amount Of Natural Sugar That Your Body Needs.

Happy Week-end
feel free to leave your feedback and comments.

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Healthy Eating, Healthy Eating Tips



As Children of God born in the likeness of Christ, one of the features of our recreated Human Spirit is Love.
When you have that feature in you, you would’nt judge or slander others.
Never tell stories that will make your hearers dislike those you are talking about, for it is wrong to do that.
Lets take a look at this scripture and see what it talks about, Luke 6:37 it says ” Judge not, and ye shall be judged: Condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned: Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven. What this scripture is trying to say is that, it is wrong to Condemn and Judge others even when they are not doing the right thing, because when you condemn and judge others God ignores you.
Also you should forgive those who offend you, so that other people you offend may as well forgive you.
So my fellow readers we are to act like jesus.
Give a good picture about others; don’t be the one to project them in a bad light.
your role is to propagate Love, because today is a very special dat that is being set aside to celebrate the birth of Christ.
Back to the order of the day on the topic “HEALTHY EATING PART 2”
Previously i discussed about, Water and Excercise, today i will throw more light on other two Sub-topic, which are
1. Carbohydrate Food
2. Proteinous Food
Talking about Carbohydrate food it is a class of food, that is being known as energy giving food.
It is also known as a starchy food e.g yam, rice, cassava etc
Carbohydrate food can contribute immensely in the human body, and at the same time, it can also be a problem to the human body depending on the individuals intake.
* Carbohydrate food gives energy.
* Carbohydrate food helps the central nervous system to function properly.
* Carbohydrate also takes care of the waste elimination in the human body.
* Excess consumption can lead to the high storage of sugar in the body leading to high risk to diabetes.
* Excessive consumption without sticking to the appropriate calorLies measurement can lead to high storage of fat in the body(which is being reffered to as obesity).
proteinous food are generally known to be a class of food that contribute to blood formation in the body system.
It also contribute to the high level of the immune system.
Protein can be found in meat, fish, legumes, milk, egg, etc.
* It helps in bulding tissues in the human body.
* Proteinous food from animals such as meat and egg helps in building the blood.
* Excessive intake of food that contains protein can lead to a kidney problems.
* It can also cause calcium defeciency, since excess protein would always need much calcium also.
To Summarize it all, this is where the name “balance diet” comes into play.
We should endeavour to know the exact Calories in each class of food that our body need for daily/weekly consumption, inorder to stay healthy.

Healthy Eating Tips



Let God reign in whatever you do in life, let His word have dominion over you so that the grace of God will flow mightily upon your life and everything that comes in contact with you. You have to yield yourself to His Word because you never can tell where your help or success may come from.
Today am treating a different topic which is “Healthy Eating Part 1”.


Now let’s get started

In the western world, Healthy eating is one of the most important things that is being put into consideration aside from Education.
Besides, we Nigerians as a developing country should also cultivate the habit of being conscious of what we eat and its’ health value in our body system.
There is an adage that says “Health is Wealth”
Healthy eating, it is not all about your balance diet alone, rather it is nothing, but how hygienic your kitchen, plates, cups and food intake is, the quantity of the food intake, the quality of the health value it has in the body system.
To mention a few, we have
(1) The Fatty Food
(2) The Proteinous Food
(3) The Vitamins Food
(4) The Fibre Food
(5) The Carbohydrate Food
(6) The Mineral Food

Healthy eating also involves the avoidance of bad habit of cooking such as,
1. Excess heating of oil till it smokes.
2. Too much stirring of food during cooking.
3. Not rinsing your ingredients properly before cooking [meat, fish, e.t.c]
Most importantly, after mentioning this, it is essential for us to include the regular intake of “Clean/Treated Water” and continuous “Exercise”
In today’s’ discussion, I would like to start with the regular consumption of Clean Water and Exercise. Subsequently, I would also throw more light on others.
1. The things that constitute to our health today is “Water”
water cleans the systems in our body, by washing out most of the waste products and some chemicals that can be harmful to the body.
In order words, it is important to consume clean water regularly, in order to avoid dehydration.
2. Exercise is one of the most important things the human body needs on regular bases, just like the daily consumption of foods.

The benefits of exercise can not be overemphasised.
(1) It burns down fat in the body
(2) It makes you look smart and flexible.
(3) It also boosts the immune system in the human body.
We will discuss the second part of it in few weeks’ time.