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Healthy eating of a family cannot be overemphasized. To arrange proper nutrition and healthy food time table – means to protect all family members from a variety diseases, improve the quality of life.

Usually, mummies are worried about healthy food time table for the family, they try to choose variant, that will suit everybody, husband, children and herself.
Dear mummies, kindly note, that Nigerian food time table for a family should be based on five (5) main principles.

1. The First Principle Of A Normal Food Time Table For A Family-: A mandatory hearty full breakfast. It should be 25-30% of the daily diet. The breakfast menu should include products having in their composition complex fiber-rich carbohydrates – this will provide the body with energy for a long
time, to extend the sense of fullness. Complex carbohydrates are “black” porridges – oatmeal and buckwheat, cereal.
In addition to complex carbohydrates for breakfast, a family should eat protein-rich foods, such as eggs, cheese or cottage cheese.

2. The Second Principle Of Healthy Family Food Time Table -: to ensure the possibility of a second breakfast. School-age children can
receive a full hot lunch at school. Adult family members between breakfast and lunch also should have a useful snack. If there is no possibility to have a snack, you can drink a cup of yogurt and a cup of unsweetened green tea, soursop tea or zobo drink – or just take with you to work the apple and eat it about 11 o’clock in the

3. The Third Principle-: is the refusal of fast food. Hamburgers and chips are not included in the category of healthy foods. The lunch should consist of vegetable salad, a bowl of soup, or a portion of lean meat or fish with garnish.
Healthy family food is a timely dinner. Each family lives in its own rhythm, and does not always manage to gather around the table at the perfect time for dinner 18-19 hours. However, we
must remember that dinner should be held no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

A late and plentiful dinner disrupts the normal metabolism. Healthy food for the dinner should consist mostly of protein: fish, chicken, vegetables, stews, salads, low-fat
cottage cheese.

4. The Fourth Principle-: the normal family meals have to include plenty of vegetables and
fruits, especially seasonal since they are most valuable from a biological point of view. If it is decided to organize a balanced diet table, the food should be varied as much as possible for
the family. Do not be afraid to experiment.

Usually, the family buys constantly the same set of products, but you can retreat from the templates. Buy fish of different varieties.
Prepare a variety of vegetable side dishes. Learn basic cooking fruit desserts and a variety of protein-vitamin cocktails.

5. The Fifth Principle-: the food should be prepared from natural products. Avoid surrogates.
Choose the right recipes with proper nutrition, where it is recommended not to boil or fry foods, but to steam and bake. A frying makes the products excessively greasy.

If you want to lose weight or you just want to stay fit, you should not only do exercises but also organize your low-caloric healthy time table, taking into account the
following tips:

* Review and organize your time table according to your workout schedule, eat meals at a proper time.
* You should eat five or six smaller meals instead of usual three. It is important to eat one hour before a workout, giving time to digest the meal.
* It is highly important to have breakfast, not to become hungry very quickly, and as a result, avoid overeating.
* Eat healthy snacks. Nigerian food time table for a family Not everybody knows that Nigerian food menu contains foods, which are very high in calories, therefore causes the gain of weight.

If you want to lose weight and not to gain extra killos, we would like to propose you the list of the most low calorie Nigerian foods:

* Semo
* Wheat
* Amala
* Starch
* Beans
* Maize
* Rice
* Tuwo
* Abacha

To gain weight, here is useful list of what to eat, it will help you gain weight quickly and it’s tasty :

* Salmon
* Baked acorn squash
* Granola
* Butter
* Tuna
* Cheese
* Cornbread
* Whole wheat bread
* Pasta
* Fruit juice
* Shrimps
* Yoghurt
* Bananas
* Nuts and seeds
* Oatmeal
* Soybeans
* Potatoes

How to organize a productive time table for your children:

Breakfast is very important, good
nutritious breakfast is a fuel for your child and will give energy for the first part of the day.
* Children should eat healthy snacks.
* Television time should be limited. Your child should not eat while watching the TV, it will distract them from the meal. Another reason, your child should play active games for good metabolism.
* When children reach the age of five, they begin to eat more, so it is for them to eat less.
* Every Child should drink enough water the whole of the day.
Eat to live!

Naija Foodie Update


WITH the current exchange rates, 70% of Nigerians live on less than US$1 per day. Too few Nigerians are able to obtain enough food to live healthy and productive lives, so it is no surprise Nigeria is ranked the 14th most hungry
nation out of 119 countries and 152nd out of 187 on the 2015 UNDP Human Development Index (HDI).

With a Global Hunger Index (GHI) score of 32.8, which is only a marginal improvement over the last decade, Nigeria has steadily plunged in its GHI scores since
1990. The severity of hunger in the country remains serious as the nation failed to fulfil its commitment to the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of halving hunger by 2015.

Nigerians are rated as “seriously” hungry, by the 2015 GHI because of low scores in the four most crucial indicators of undernourishment, child stunting, child wasting, and child mortality, Worse still, the 2016 Report of the
International Food Policy Research
Institute (IFPRI) reveals that 7% of
the Nigerian population is
undernourished and that the prevalence of wasting and stunting in children under 5 years of age are 18% and 36.4% respectively.
But these figures do not tell the entire story.

Hunger, as defined by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, is identified as food deprivation, undernourishment (or
consumption of fewer than 1,800
kilocalories a day, which is the minimum that most people require to live a healthy and productive life).

Exacerbated by poverty, the effects of hunger are reflected in high rates of diseases and mortality, limited neurological development and low productivity.
Hunger, poverty and disease are
interlinked, with each contributing to the presence and persistence of the other.
Hunger is a major constraint to the country’s development economically, socially, and politically; the poorer, the hungrier.

The way forward is clear. Investment is essential for agricultural research and rural development in partnership with the private sector and civil society. Provision for good nutrition and education must be accepted as a long-term investment.
Having an explicit hunger target as a priority development goal is desirable.

The specific reference to food security, hunger and the importance of agriculture on the global agenda is a sign of increased political sensitivity towards these important issues.
Hence, Nigeria must invest more in nutrition and food production. It is easily within the nation’s capacity to eradicate poverty and hunger in a short period of time. However, political will is paramount.

Eradication of hunger is an objective that must be addressed directly. Fighting hunger is an investment that produces high returns in growth and overall
welfare. The fight against hunger in Nigeria must begin in earnest.

Healthy Eating


Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a merchant man,
seeking goodly pearls: Who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had, and bought it (Matthew 13:45-46).

There are people who like to tell us that we’re not very special. People make such statements out of ignorance, and
a seeming show of humility.

You are peculiar. You are special to God. You’re His pearl of
inestimable value. It’s not pride to acknowledge and affirm that you are special.
Remember, God gave birth to you. James 1:18 says, “Of his
own will begat he us with the word of truth, that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures.”

It’s absolutely
impossible for God to give birth to “nonentities” or “unworthy servants” that some Christians
unwittingly arrogate to themselves, because He reproduces after His own kind.

You are the crown of God’s creation, the best of all that He
made. Therefore, Be conscious and be bold of your real personality; you are royalty, a peculiar treasure, a king priest
unto God, appointed to reign and rule in the earth.

Welcome back dear readers to this wonderful segment on “Healthy Eating”, In todays’ article i will be discussing on “HOW TO MANAGE FOOD INTOLERANCE”.

As we all know, eating is a pleasant experience. However, there are some, who treat certain food as “Worse Enemy” owing to the previous experience and this might be as a result of Food Intolerance.

The question is,
Well, to my understanding, Food Intolerance is an adverse reaction of food in the digestive system.

It can also be a situation whereby the needed enzymes is unable to break food particles in the intestine.

1. Wheat
2. Yeast
3. Dairy
4. Gluten
5. Alcohol

1. Enzymes Deficiency.

2. Chemical Content In Food (Both Natural & Processed).

3. Consumption Of Too Much Red Wine.

Generally, food intolerance are less alarming, since they are not life threatening, but is associated with stress, pains and discomfort.
Due to this, serious attention is necessary.
1. Stomach Pain
2. Bloating
3. Headaches
4. Gas
5. Tiredness
6. Cramps
7. Constipation
8. Recurrent Diarrhea
9. Sleep Disturbance

1. Keep a food diary inorder to detect suspected food.

2. Suspected food should be avoided for few weeks (2-5 weeks).

3. Eating food that is low in fibre can be helpful.

4. Eat small amount of food (at least more frequently)

5. Seek for a specialized health professional.

In other words, if you had experience food intolerance, you may find comfort to know that most affected persons have learned to manage their conditions and still enjoy wide variety of nutritious and delicious food.

Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update ( Tips And Tricks For a Healthier Tomorrow)

With our hectic schedules, bad eating habits, and fast-paced lifestyles, maintaining healthy habits have gone for a toss.
We have comfortably taken to eating out more often, binging on processed foods, and have completely forgotten to exercise.

However, all of these choices contribute towards lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension that have started to set in early in our lives. Obviously, we need to break away from such habits, and do some necessary introspection if we want to ensure longer and healthier lives:

Start your mornings fresh with a warm cup of green tea. It is devoid of caffeine, and will reduce stress, as well as blood pressure. However, it will give you the necessary energy boost to start your day. Green tea also acts as a detox that helps flush out toxins from your body and keeps you disease-free.

Green tea also contains polyphenols that help fight free radicals and burn extra fat. Ideally, you need to consume green tea without any sweeteners. However, you may choose to add some honey into your cup for some added flavor.

The secret to longevity is getting adequate exercise. Working up a sweat keeps your heart and other organs functioning at optimum levels. Also, the release of sweat helps rid your body of excess salts and other toxins.

Exercise also ensures muscle building and facilitates the replacement of stored fats with lean muscle tissues. If you think exercise is too difficult for you, try other forms like aerobics or yoga. Start, and slowly ease into it. There is no rush. You will notice the improvements in your changing body shape.

You need to divide your daily calorie intake into three major meals and three minor ones. The main meals will give you the required nutrition while the snacks will keep your body from feeling starved.

It is important that you stick to your meal times since the calories are measured in every meal. You cannot afford to lose out on them, else you will feel giddy and might faint.

It is important to cleanse your diet of processed and fast foods. They contain polyunsaturated fats that only add extra pounds to your love handles. Instead, include a balanced diet of adequate carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fibers. Carbohydrates are sources of energy that will keep you going through the day.

Proteins help build muscle mass and strength. Minerals and vitamins are essential for the maintenance of immunity and overall development.

You should also include fatty acids in your diet found in olive oil, avocados, and nuts that help lower the bad cholesterol in your blood as well as maintain heart health. Fiber or roughage, on the other hand, helps keep your digestive system clean.

It relieves digestive problems of constipation, bloating, and gas as well as skin problems like breakouts.

All things considered, no solution will benefit you until your body gets its due rest. Every adult is advised seven to eight hours of sound sleep to wake up refreshed. While you are asleep, your body takes on all repair actions that may be necessary.

Also, staying up late into the night stimulates the hunger hormones, which eventually prompts binge eating. It is, thus, indirectly responsible for the unwanted weight gain.

Late nights are also responsible for the bags under your eyes, dry and unappealing skin, and general tiredness.

Through the course of the day, it is necessary to keep your body hydrated. Proper hydration prevents the occurrence of dry and parched skin as well as instances of fatigue and weakness.

It also replenishes the lost salts from your body and helps maintain the electrolyte balance. An adult should ideally drink seven to eight glasses of water every day. You can additionally drink fresh fruit juices, green tea, and other fluids.

However, it is advised to steer clear of caffeinated drinks and sodas. You can indulge in alcoholic beverages once in a while, but make sure to keep yourself properly hydrated post that.

Psychological fitness is just as crucial as physical fitness. So, indulge in physical intimacy with your partner. Good sexual health stimulates the secretion of the happy hormone called dopamine and creates a general good feeling.

It reduces stress and leaves you feeling confident. It also prompts significant improvement in reproductive health and erases conception and pregnancy problems. Physical intimacy will also help strengthen your bond and trust with your partner.

It is about time we took control of our lives and steered it in the right direction. Making this decision is the first and most important step towards better and healthier living. Once you have made that choice, everything else will fall into place. Promise yourself to persevere on your journey to leading a better life, and you will succeed!

Healthy Eating Tips


Revelations 12:11 says, And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony.
Whenever God does something for you, it is important that you testify, because If you don’t testify of what the Lord has done for you, you will lose the chances to do it.
Your testimony endorse your miracle, and creates room for you to receive more blessings from the Lord. So you must continue to testify, for your testimony keeps you permanently above satanic onslaught. Therefore make it as a point of duty to share your testimonies with others.

Today’s post is on

Sub-Topic:- “The Effect Of Sugar On Human Health.”
One major draw back of Sugar is the rise of Insulin level that triggers growth hormones which in turn depresses the immune system.

We Have Two Types Of Sugar
1. The refined sugar
2. The natural sugar

Ways Sugar Can Affect Ones Health
1. Sugar suppresses the immune system.
2. Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease.
3. It cause liver cell to divide, thereby increasing the size of the liver.
4. Sugar cause copper deficiency.
5. Sugar can promote tooth decay.
6. It’s a major contributor of diabetes.
7. Sugar contributes to weight gain and obesity.
8. It causes headaches, including migraines.
9. Sugar reduces helpful high density cholesterol (HDLS).
10. It promotes an elevation of harmful cholesterol (LDLS).

I would Only pick few of the ones listed above and explain much about it.

The immune system is the body’s protective force against foreign invaders, such as
a. Virus
b. Bacteria
c. Parasites
d. Fungi
e. Toxins e.t.c
A study from the journal dental survey investigated sugar’s effect on bacteria-hungry white blood cell called “Neutrophils”
it was found that consuming 24 Ounces of sugar depresses the white blood cell activity by 50%, this occurs thirty minutes after consumption and last for about 7 hours.
People who consume a lot of sugar are more likely to get bacteria infection than those that avoid sugar.

Reasons we do not fully understand, high blood glucose makes it more likely for a person to develop “The Gumming Up” of the arteries that causes heart disease and stroke, the major worldwide killers.
Researchers calculated that raised blood glucose account for 21% of heart disease and 13% of stroke mortality worldwide.
The daily intake of refined sugar should be far less than the required amount of natural sugar inorder to help the heart function well.

When excess is consume, it eventually affect every organ in the body.
Initially, sugar is stored in the liver inform of glucose, (glycogen) and the liver’s capacity is limited.
The excess sugar stored in the liver makes the liver to be in-active and the cell begin to degenerate, thereby making it to expand like a balloon.

TAKE HOME ADVICE:- Excess Refined Sugar Should Be Avoided, Rather Stick To The Required Amount Of Natural Sugar That Your Body Needs.

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