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Foodie Naija Update (All Set For Taste Of Lagos Food Festival)

The maiden edition of Taste of Lagos ‘the original’, a national
template for bringing
stakeholders in the food industry together to celebrate indigenous foods, will make its debut at the National Stadium, Lagos from December 2 to 5 .

The Chief Consultant of Iconic Events Ltd, Mr Abiodun
organisers of the event, described Taste of Lagos ‘the
Original’ as a
concept modelled after popular
annual global taste festivals, stressing that the essence of the festival is to bring together the
indigenous foods that reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Lagos.

“We conceptualised Taste of Lagos as the first of our pan-
Nigerian initiative to popularise the rich
food and beverage culture of our
nation as well as help to reinforce the visibility of every
state of the federation on the world tourism map,” he said, adding:

“It is when we embrace programmes like
this to appreciate our foods that our
farmers will be encouraged to
produce more and the economy will be the better for it.”
Fagbohun said the week-long Taste of Lagos will avail food
producers and manufacturers the
opportunity to showcase their
products and give
Nigerians enough reasons to
patronise them.

“Special features of the event include ‘celebrity kitchen’ where popular entertainment
personalities would test their culinary prowess.

About 200 secondary school pupils would also be hosted as
special guests every day to enable them
appreciate the richness of Nigerian
foods. Nutrition experts will also
be on hand to share knowledge on the nutritional values of
indigenous foods,” he said.

He said the concept of Taste of Lagos was introduced to the
Lagos State government in 2005,
following which Iconic Events Ltd
registered the rights nationwide in keeping with global standards of the

“We have the original rights to stage this event in Nigeria
because the taste concept has a universal template that must be followed,”
Fagbohun said
He further explained that Taste of Lagos and others that would go across the country in 2016, will
be targeted at reviving the
indigenous food culture in Nigeria as well as avoiding
potential loss of huge domestic and foreign
earning from tourism.

“The more we move away from our food culture, the more we
move away from what nature has endowed us with and in the next 20 years,
we stand the danger of not finding
local delicacies on family food menus,” he said.

Statutory bodies in charge of foods and standards are expected at the
Taste of Lagos food fair, which will be livened up with music and dance performances from across Lagos and Nigeria.

Healthy Eating Tips


A new commandment i give unto you, that ye love one another; as i have loved you, that ye also love one another John 13:34

Dear Readers, here is another exciting sub Post from the Topic Healthy Eating Part 8 “How Carbohydrate-Rich Food Is Essential To The Body”

Carbohydrate is seen as the culprits behind the epidemic of diabetes and obesity by many people.

One of the major misconception is that carbohydrate-rich food contain too much sugar and its harmful to the body.
The truth is that, the sugar deposited in the plant food is a natural sugar or simple sugar and not the processed sugar.
The sugar derive from plant food rich in carbohydrate is the best and its suitable for the body cell.
Besides, the supposed harm of carbohydrate-rich foods are created by man rather than what is suppose to be inherited naturally from this plant foods invariably, what many people consumed are refined carbohydrates, which is poisonous to the body cells and tissues thereby creating room for different diseases to occur.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), about 68% of death that occurred in 2008 were attributed to killer diseases such as stroke, heart disease, cancers, type 2 diabetes and obesity for which poor diets were contributing factors but those who live in societies that eat healthy plant-based diets rarely encounter these ailments.

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, M.D also stated that “regular eating of refined carbohydrates can make the liver become insulin resistant and has trouble regulating the level of sugar in the blood system.
As a matter of fact, carbohydrate-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables with medium glycemic index should constitute 50-80% of our daily calorie intake.

1. FOR ENERGY: Carbohydrate-rich foods supply the cell in the body with glucose to produce energy. The brain and the heart never sleep, they need constant supply of glucose derive from carbohydrate-rich foods to function properly.
The brain alone uses about 15-20% of energy in the body while it also uses about 25-30% of inhaled oxygen.

2. FOR FIBRE: The health benefits of high fibre diet can not be over emphasize, especially for the prevention and healing of cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes.
Fibre also act like a cleanser, thereby sweeping metabolic wastes out of the digestive system.
A study publish in nature’s journal obesity, showed that increase in soluble fibre reduce the amount of deep belly fat resistance, fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes.
Specifically, there is no way we can up our fibre intake without increasing the consumption of carbohydrate-rich foods, since its the only source of fibre.

3. PH BALANCE: The human body need about 20% acidic food and 80% alkaline foods to maintain a proper PH balance. It is impossoble to maintain a PH balance with low intake of carbohydrate-rich foods.
Basically, the animal products we consume contain protein and fat, while carbohydrate food plant are the source of healthy alkaline foods to ensure PH balance and proper functions of the body organs.

To be candid, we need to consume much raw foods.
Raw foods contain high percent of unrefined carbohydrate. The only plant foods that can be eaten in raw form are Fruits, some Vegetables, such as Carrot, Cucumbers, Orange, Garden Egg, e.t.c.
There is nothing as good as eating raw food, it is a guaranteed means of maintaining a sound and healthy body.
Raw food restore dead cells, it provide sufficient oxygen and repairs damage tissue in the body.

N/B: Our take home message after reading this article, should be “More Carbohydrate, More Health”.


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