Naija Foodie Update

Foodie Naija Update (Food Safety Key to Good Health, Human Survival – Nestle)

Nestle Nigeria has stressed the need to keep foods safe to help people maintain good health as well as make them survive around miseries of life.

The CEO, Nestle Nigeria, Mr. Dharnesh Gordhorn, made the remarks during a facility tour of the company’s Maggi Plant in Agbara, Ogun state.

According to him, to have a safe food is an unavoidable choice to keep human body fit and a functional metabolism in human body system.

This he said is why Nestle has been at the forefront of making available safe and affordable foods for the Nigerian masses.

Also, the chief host, Maggi plant Agbara, Rakesh Verma, said the factory is the biggest in the country with capacity to produce over 60million cubes every day.

He said Nestle also makes drinking water as well as other products to assist Nigeria in self-food sufficiency.
Verma noted that Maggi has become a toast of favour to the world and tasty for people’s enjoyment.


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